Lisa Vittozzi


Lisa Vittozzi made a significant leap forward in the last World Cup rankings, achieving in 2022/2023 her best season ever including 4 medals in the Biathlon World Championships at Oberhof and 11 podiums in the World Cup circuit.

Thanks to her exceptional shooting skills and impressive skiing abilities, she has consistently demonstrated her talent and determination in international competitions.

Her dedication, mental perservance, and relentless pursuit of excellence have brought her to the top ranks of biathlon. Beyond her athletic achievements, Lisa’s warm personality and genuine love for the sport have stricken fans worldwide.

The 23/24 season could not have ended better than this! Lisa has indeed defeated her very talented opponents, reaching the final competition session in Canmore, Canada as a runner up. Lisa fought for every point in the world cup standings, winning the Overall World Cup Title, two Disziplin Titles and 4 medals at the Nove Mesto World Championships. This result rewards not only Lisa’s perseverance and consistency in challenging herself but also her willingness to continue to push herself. An pure Italian pride that projects Lisa into a new dimension that only very few athletes in the world have reached so far.



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