Shaping Success

Dorothea Wierer

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Who We Are

With over 30 years of industry experience, Light Management has been a trusted leader in talent, corporate entertainment and event management. Our extensive knowledge and expertise have allowed us to cultivate and nurture the growth of brand positioning and careers, helping them achieve remarkable success.

We pride ourselves on our longstanding track record of excellence and our strong commitment in guiding brands and talents towards their full potential.

Marco Fontanesi
Founder & CEO

The “WIN - WIN” Approach

Creating Add Value

We maximize our talents’ media exposure, aspirational values, image, and notoriety by creating communication strategies with selected partner companies.

In doing so we ensure long-lasting relationships, guaranteeing an effective return of investment for all parties involved.


We constantly monitor the communication of target brands that could associate their brand values and image with the aspirational values of sports and the talents that represent them.


We present communication strategies and ‘through the line’ engagement activities that allow companies to assess/activate endorsement with talents in order to guarantee a unique and differentiated brand experience.


We define the contractual terms and conditions of the agreement involving all parties to safeguard both the talents and the partner companies.

Our Talents




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