Roland Fischnaller


Roland “Roly” Fischnaller, a luminary in international snowboarding, epitomizes resilience and excellence. Renowned for his boundless energy and empathetic connection with fans, Roly boasts a remarkable seventh Olympic appearance at Milan Cortina 2026, an unparalleled feat in winter sports. A specialist in parallel slalom and parallel giant slalom, he debuted in the World Cup in 1999, accumulating 42 podiums and 19 victories, all in parallel slalom. With consistent top-tier performances at six Olympics, including a fourth-place finish in Beijing 2022, Roly also clinched the title of parallel slalom world champion at the 2015 Kreischberg World Championships. His enduring success culminated in winning the overall World Cup in the 2019-2020 season at the age of 39, solidifying his status as a snowboarding icon.

The now legendary and unshakable Roly, after climbing the podium 51 times in the Overall World Cup, where he has collected 21 victories and 6 World Championship medals, is now getting ready after a good season to prepare for the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2025 and most importantly to compete in his 7th Olympics in Milan Cortina 2026, which will take place on the slopes of Livigno. To date, this is an unparalleled performance that places him in the “Hall of Fame” of the longest-lasting athletes of all time. He will certainly keep his many fans on the edge of their seats. Keep going Roland!



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